Wednesday, May 16, 2012

LIFE organizing & planner...

Actually, as we all know that an easy organizing system can be the difference between a MESSY HOUSE (like mine) and CLEAN HOME.
I myself, wouldn't be able to survive without my favorite organizing tips- home-maker planner.
But to be honest, I'm not that addicted to follow every single thing or what-to-do plan that had been organize before...and that is the problem with me. Might be you too.

Yesterday I promised myself that I'll do the clean-up all-over my messy home-sweet-home within a month!
 I'll start from the kitchen first....., InsyaAllah.


Hahaha...well, now let me show you all; what EXACTLY my kitchen looks..

 Ini my 'breakfast-corner cum dry-groceries pantry' la...all bottles & jars with beautifully-printed labels. Nii baru betul, masuk bakul angkat sendiri!

This sign sekadar nak ingatkan tetamu!

Inilah yang amat memeningkan kepala mm niiii....berserabut, bersepah; messy but not dirty!

Yang ni pun.....langsung tak teratur!

Look at my spice-rack corner...Sikit punya teruk, bekas dah lawa-comel dah, ala ala english-style lagi la kononnya, tapi Ya Allah, please help me..I wanna organize this, so that I'm be able to smile, with big smile again seeing my smart-clean kitchen.

Bila kita tengok di tv, menonton COOKING SHOW, memang mengujakan serta dipenuhi dengan fantasi & imaginasi lebih dari nak belajar memasak that special meal. Kita berfantasi & berimaginasi bukan kerana nak makan masakan tu tetapi......yes, it's about having access to those AMAZING kitchens! Betul tak?

Seeing those unbelievably spacious kitchens being flaunted before your very eyes, can throw a normally calm person into a jealous fit. Okay, okay...lets be realistic. No one on earth has such a well-organized kitchen or refrigerator. This is totally unrealistic... right?

Anyway, it got me thinking about how functional to organize my small kitchen again, because from my past experienced as a fulltime-housewife for 20 years (after I resigned banking's sector), the great things about our round-up of stylish pantry organizers isn't just their CHICNESS but also their functionality.  The ideas of organizing is also to widely-lengthens shelf space, make it easier on the users and keep the food fresher!

Too many times, I myself, will get one or two organizational pieces such as rack or basket or plastic container; and then try to just cram everything into one space. But that doesn'nt help when it comes time for cooking...The point of me using these tools is to make life in the kitchen easier and a bit more stylish, of course. However, with all the long times trials-and-errors, I thought it was great that with a systematic way of deciding on our own need, what will and won't work for us in our kitchen.

mm ada google gambar2 rak di dapur yang well-organized untuk kita pasang angan-angan atau bermimpi!

With a few simple organization techniques we can easily make a small kitchen seem a whole lot larger...

Even the smallest kitchens can seem dramatically larger if we have access to the right storage solution...

Before start organizing & throwing out all the bad, stale items, mm kena decide dulu how I want the space to look. Ni nak kena google lagi ni, sedangkan laptop asyik meragam je..kalau macam ni bila lah nak mula dok kat dapur yang kemas ni?

Bila mm jalan2 ke rumah kawan & jiran mm, cikgu Naemah, tu memang teruja tengok rumah dia kemas bersih je dari depan sampai ke dapur; sedangkan dia bekerja, mesti kekurangan masa lapang di rumah... tapi mm? Ini yang buat sedih ni.. Hari tu pergi Sri Iskandar singgah rumah Ani Nawawi pun begitu juga, jelez nengok  rumah orang cantik sebab berkemas je, bukan jelezkan kesenangan kawan (Na'auzubillah);
sebab mm ni, seminggu 2-3kali nak pegang penyapu/vacuum cleaner pun payah sangat!

Hope, after this entry has been post & publish;
 I'll get the SEMANGAT BARU...

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